Friday, February 19, 2016

Asian noodle soup

Our soup tasted good. We added to much pepper so that it was a little spicy. But over all it was some good stuff. We worked well together and our veggies were chopped perfectly thin. Because I am a vegetarian i didn't want to add the chicken so i was very grateful that my team was OK with this. So all in all this was a very fun lab and me and my team really enjoyed it a lot.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Pie lab

I think that the eggs in out pie was used to bind, thicken, and make the meringue fluffy. So in the end we had a very fluffy and light meringue. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Omelet lab

Now that i learned how to properly make an omelet i will be able to add more things to my omelet and maybe make a more complex omelet some day. We worked very well and are omelets came out perfect and our bacon was even better.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Emma                                                                                                                 Smoothies and Quesadilla

What i did best: i believe i did very good at cooking because i was the only one who wanted to cook.

I think i earned we earned a 45 out of 50 because we had a little mix up with communication and equally splitting up the jobs.

what i would improve on: teamwork and communication

our team needed to: we need to split up the jobs on and keeping better track of time

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why Not

Why Not
Imagine a life where everyday you woke up every day at 4:oo A.M and your had a small breakfast and went to go lift weights. After that you practiced till 4:00 P.M. Then maybe had a small dinner, then went to school till 9:00 or 10:00 P.M. You then woke up and did it all again for the whole time you are in college. No these people are not forced to do any of this, but want to dedicate their time to their schools and their fans. With the little feeling in the back of your head telling you “ What if, what if some day I made to the big leagues, what if I became a professional athlete.
Colleges are making millions of dollars off of their student athletes, but at the same time these very same athletes are being paid no money at all. I think that college athletes should be paid because they make tons of money for their school, they don’t get any financial help, and they work just as hard as a pro athlete.

chart showing how much money colleges make
A professional  athlete makes 6.7 million dollars in a 3 year career. While the average college athlete doesn't even make 1 dollar in their whole college career. 23 sports at 1,200 schools across the United States Of America and they all say no to giving the college athletes a salary. On the upside these athletes receive partial to full scholarship, which means they can come to college for free as long as they play sports.
chart showing how much money Pro Athletes have.

”Last year in March,the National Labor Relations Board decided Northwestern's football players were primarily athletes, rather than students,” says Allen Sanderson, a senior lecture economist at the University of Chicago ("Players about to Get Paid as Money Changes Game in College Athletics.") . What Allen is saying is that their athletes are coming to college to learn and play sports, but instead of learning along with playing sports all of there time is being spent on sports. Most athletes are failing their classes or have to get extra support with their learning.
A University in Alabama makes about 23 million dollars a year off of their football team. 1.55 - 2.63 million dollars, that is how much money a college football coach makes in a year. But once again the people who entertain and put themselves out on the field and work and train so hard and actually play the game while juggling college life and school work, they don’t get any of it! And many colleges are okay with this. Luckily most of those colleges give their student about 15,000-20,000 dollars a year to pay for a place to live, medical bills, and school textbooks. dollars a year to pay for a place to live, medical bills, and school textbooks.

Some schools are able to provide their student with $15,000-$20,000 for a place to live, food, and if they are lucky they can use the money to pay for medical bills. This money that the players do receive through a small amount of financial aid doesn't come from the money that the players make for their school, it comes from the money the school receives in donations, ticket sales, and fan gear. Only 30% of colleges pay for their athletes living expenses.

When sports takes up your life and you don’t have time for school and college life you can get very stressed. Sadly some athletes become anti-social because balancing school work with athletics is just to hard, weight management issues, or lack of leisure time, ect.  
When these athletes don’t become pro athletes they are forced to drop out of school because they have no money and they can’t pay for a place to live and some athletes go into a state of depression and turn to pills. This can ruin an athlete's life forever.  

Some colleges are 100% sure that student Athletes should not be paid. “It would be unfair to other students if the university paid athletes to play college sports.” say the author of the article, Molly Block, a student from The University of Texas. ("College Athletes Should Not Receive Payment for Playing."). Many student athletes feel that they should be paid because the time they spend playing sports takes up so much of their time they don’t have time to get a job. Molly talks about how many of those athletes use the money that they do receive through donations, to go out with friends. She also talks about how they were all given money to go to college and play sports, and that many of the other non-sports playing student had to work for the money they got to go to college. Molly also states that student have the ability to work hard on and off the field and that there  are ways for the athletes to keep their grades up and show up to class.
how much money the university of texas is making off of it’s sports team

I understand  that she could feel like if they pay their students money it will be unfair for all of the other students, but not once in her article did she talk about how much money the school is making off of all the players. as i states in the beginning of the article, they are making 23 million dollars a year off of their football team at the University of Texas.

These players are working from dawn till dusk, every waking hour out on that field playing an extremely dangerous game for our entertainment, and making millions of dollars for their school, and not being paid a penny. Yes, they were able to college on a scholarship and a lot of students had to work super hard to get into college. But these players are giving up their college experience to be playing sport all day every day with no reward, just knowing that maybe, just maybe the could go pro. And more than half of college players don’t become professional players. So yes I do think college athletes should be paid.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Remembering (5 question essay)

Emma DeBrum .1

I decided to interview my amazing grandmother. She has beautiful short red hair with a few gray hairs every now and then. She is 61 which is kind of young for a grandma, and that is because she had my mom at a very young age. But she was still an amazing mother to my mom. She has a smile that brightens the world. And she is kind to everyone and she doesn’t act like a normal grandmother, she can be so funny that it gets a little bit inappropriate. She just acts like a 20 year old would. We call her Yaya because when I was little that’s what I started to call her, and my dad Googled what Yaya meant and I turned out to mean grandmother in Greek. She is such an amazing women and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else as a grandmother.

It was about 5:45 and I had just got done with tennis practice. My mom said “I talked to Yaya, and she said that she would love to have you interview her.” And so I called her after we had an amazing dinner of Steak and roasted rosemary potatoes. She answer the phone and I began to ask her my 5 questions while I sat at a long, cold, hard, dinning table. We talked for about an hour, and we were both lost in memories.  

We started out by talking in what ways she is like me and what ways she is not like me. She replied with sweet and kind words. She said that loves baseball, the beach, and watching movies with popcorn, just like me! On the other hand she tends to not like to hang out with many people and she feels like she is not as outgoing as she could have liked to be.

We next talked about the person that influenced her life the most. She took a while to answer but when she did it was so kind and inspiring. She said that her 7th grade teacher Mr. Woods made her really think about her life and her future and how important doing her best in school.

The technology in her day is so much different than the technology that we have today. So I asked her what technology she found helpful and what stuff she thought what was annoying. She replied by saying that her phone was so helpful and without it would be so hard to organize her life and connect with her family. She then told me that she absolutely hates anything that beeps.

We got into talking about how she would have liked to talk to her parents about so many more things before they passed. She said that when you grow up your parents become more like friends and that you should hold on and cherish those moments for as long as you can because some day they could all disappear. She would have liked to know more about her parents childhood and how there life was when they were younger.

Finally I asked her what was the happiest moment I her life. She said when she first saw the beautiful faces of her children, even though she said raising them was one of the hardest things she has ever done in her life.

My grandmother is an amazing women and so kind I had so much fun just relaxing and talking with her.

p.s my extra credit picture is on my printed essay

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Where am I

RESPONSE: Lina Has been kept captive in a Russian prison cell for 28 days. She has had only bread and water for all of those days. It was time for all the girls to be sold. They were all lined up with black bags over there heads. They were moved to a stage when the bags were pulled of of there pulled of there head. And i wounder what will happen next.